Novels & Short Stories

Full Length Works:

Dead Girls Walking

Current WIP. YA Contemporary about the unlikely friendship between two very different teenage girls who are facing death...

The Trilunarias: Skye

Currently in revisions... YA Urban Fantasy

Here is a short blurb about it:

Skye Corbin was just a typical high school senior—Prom Queen, girlfriend of the star quarterback, Kung Fu champion.

But when she develops strange abilities, like hearing whispered conversations from across a crowded parking lot, communicating telepathically, and suddenly understanding Physics, she questions who, or what, she really is.

And the only person who might know what she is going through, the very handsome and perceptive Forrest Ramirez, is the last person she wants to confide in.

Somewhere between breaking up with her boyfriend, figuring out how she really feels about Forrest, and learning to control her new supernatural powers, Skye needs to learn the truth about her past—before it’s too late.

Because there are others like Skye and Forrest.

And some of them are trying very hard to kill her.

Short Stories:

"A Few Dollars"

A dystopian short story that I wrote about a year ago. I recently won 2nd place in Genre Fiction in a Writer's Day competition for this story!! (YAY!!!)

I also have ideas about expanding this into a YA book (or series) as I really like the concept and love all the places I could take it.


A short story (so not YA) that I wrote about a year ago. I am not sure what genre it is... Crime? Psychological? Thriller? Anyway, it just won 3rd place in Fiction in the Writer's Day Competition!

"The Jewelry Box"

Another non-YA short story... Needs some work, but I really like the concept!!